You are Cordially Invited ...

..... to experience a truly unique and uplifting sojourn in an intimate and supportive environment under the guidance of a competent professional.

All the healing and counsciousness raising of the fasting programs, pure air and water and peaceful, rural surroundings to heal your mind and body.

Safe, Rapid Weight Reduction

Do you remember what it felt like when you were a child and woke up in the morning, jumped out of bed, ready to go, without aches or pains, no stiffness, no sluggishness or lethargy? When you did not need coffee or tea to get you into action? this was the result of a clean body and you can regain that lifestyle at any age.

Fasting requires a calm, quiet atmosphere so that there are no demands or stresses put upon the body except what you feel like doing. To that end, our facilities are modest and the activities nonstrenuous.

Your personal program will be developed during this consultation. The program will be selected and adapted as required to your individual needs. There is continuous monitoring during your stay, with modifications to the program as necessary, which will assure your success.

Erehwon Health Retreat, is located nearly 2000 feet above sea level in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. EREHWON is a small tretreat dedicated to providing guests with an optimum environment conducive to successful weight loss (when necessary) and detoxification.

Your success will derive from the wholistic viewpoint wherby human beings are viewed as a unity of body, mind and spirit, a gestalt not to be separated from its larger context. Guests are provided with a three-pronged approach to healing: 1) You are removed from the stresses of your daily life: work, home, toxic air, water and food, etc. and transported to a tranquil, pure, supportive environment. 2) Long-term educational awareness through lextures on videos and referral to extensive reference material where applicable. 3) You learn to maximize your energy by correcting your dietary errors.


1. The Seven Day Organic Juice Fast

If you elect to do the juice fcast it is suggested that you adhere to a raw fruit and vegetable reginmen for a few days before arrival. This will prepare your body and enhance the benefits.

A minimum stay of one week which consists of five days of raw juice therapy and two days to break this fast, during which time you are instructed in porper diet, menus, food preparation, storage and organizing your kitchen for a more whilistic lifestyle. Longer stays are recommended for special problems and for obesity. the reason for a 7 day fast is that it takes 3 days to empty the intestines, 2 days to clear the lymphatics and 2 days to break the fast correctly. Shorter stays are not condusive to lasting results for which we strive. You will receive a massage at the beginning and the end of the fast and colon cleanses also at the beginning and the end of the fast.

2. Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management *

We offer this more intense program that follows Dr. Bernard Jensen's book by that name which it is recommended you obtain and read. The cost for the program is $1199 for 8 days. You are also required to purchase your own personal colema board. The standard unit is $175.00 plus 7% tax. The folding unit is $254.00 plus 7% tax.

This program is recommended for those with allergies, gastrointestinal problems like colitis, diverticulitis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, parasites, psoriasis and other skin problems, malabsorption, candida and many others. It allows a truly fresh start because it empties the intestines of the mucoid plaque buildup of a lifetime. Everyone needs to do this cleanse at least once in their life.

The program includes all the required supplements for the 8 days you are here; the nutritional consultation which uncovers the dietary errors that have caused your health problems, dietary recommendations based on your blood type and the discoveries of hidden food allergies or other problems that may come to light during your time here. Because we all live in such a toxic world many people choose to cleanse annually.

You may also elect to stay an additional 6 days, which is recommended for some individuals, to begin your maintenance program. At this time you will be taught how to prepare the 60% raw foods diet that Dr. Jensen recommends for the fastest tissue regeneration. The 6 day fee is $600.00. The program can begin any day of the week. Please call for space availability.

*It is suggested that you obtain Dr. Jensen's book and read it before deciding on this regimen. You may obtain it from us for $15.00, including postage and handling or find it at many health food stores.

What You Can Expect to Accomplish:

  • Safe, rapid weight reduction when appropriate (average 10-20 pounds weekly)
  • Detoxification will enable you to lose addictive habits (food, alcohol, nicotine, etc.).
  • Fasting is useful in detecting allergies, alleviating inadequate stress response, and ameliorating a host of problems stemming from toxins.
  • A bonus is the healing due to the rest and relaxation generated by the beauty and purity of a natural environment.
  • This is NOT a medical establishment. There are no diagnoses or treatments or cures for any specific ailment promised.
  • If you are under treatment or on medication, I will be happy to consult your physician prior to and/or during your stay. You should not plan to come if you are on antidepressants. Wean yourself off of them as directed by your pharmacist beforehand.